What We Do

Scouters approach to executive recruiting drives success for our associates:

  • We are structured to promote individual and team success.
  • We reward associate contribution.
  • We financially incent collaborative cross-selling.
  • We sustain a highly collegial and respectful culture that compensates for teamwork.
  • We maintain the highest professional standards to ensure that our clients and candidates are always treated with respect, discretion, and professionalism.

The result is the premier executive recruiting firm.

Join our team of career recruiters and rethink recruiting.

Scouters recruiters serve their clients and candidates with an unrelenting commitment to achieving clear executive search and hiring goals, and we have done so for more than 40 years. The results? Today, we are North America’s premier executive recruiting firm, working hand-in-hand with thousands of companies and talented professionals across a variety of industries and functional specialties.We are a team culture. We believe that individual accomplishment leads to corporate success, and our company structure and business practices promote and nurture achievement from within. Ethics, honesty, and discretion are a given at Scouters. From entry level recruiter jobs to experienced senior partner positions, we offer rewarding career opportunities for sales people at all levels. We seek results-oriented, motivated professionals to join our team and become part of our family. And we’re glad you’re here.

Scouters is structured to reward both individual and team financial success. Every associate has the unlimited potential to profit from his or her personal achievement as well as from cooperative cross-selling.We aggressively pursue our individual assignments, and we do so in a culture that emphasizes (actually, insists upon) teamwork. Our team is organized across seven umbrella Practice Groups: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing. While our associates expertly work their specific industries and professions, we do not live or work in silos.The breadth of our service offerings is critical to our cultural meshing. Cross-selling (finding talent in multiple industries for the same client) is a priority at Scouters. Working together across practice groups does more than expand client connections.Effective cross-selling increases personal gains and corporate revenue. For example, our Sales Group will bring in our Services team to fill a critical need, and Legal involves our Technology group with their clients.A lot of companies talk about camaraderie and esprit-de-corps. But spend a few hours with Scouters recruiters and it won’t take long to see that we fully embrace it. The end result is that everyone has the potential to profit through cooperation. That’s how we define success.

No two businesses are the same. No two positions. No two hiring managers. We understand, and we don’t believe that trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole makes much sense. We recognize that across industries and functional specialties, the details of HOW a company seeks to engage a recruiter vary greatly.And we have a choice. We can either volley over a one-size-fits-all solution (as some in our industry do) and hope something sticks. Or, we consultatively work with clients to provide the types of recruitment services that best fit their needs, their timeframes, and their corporate cultures. To us, there is no choice.Retained, contingent, and contract staffing careers offer unique opportunity paths for our Associates. While each recruitment approach is a worthwhile way to find great talent, the keys to success lie in the details and the needs of our clients. That’s why our recruiting experts have the tools, the flexibility and the freedom to work with their clients to develop solutions that make long-term business and relationship sense.

Clients’ needs differ. Perhaps a company seeks to fill a critical leadership position in a highly-sensitive market. With a retained solution, our executive recruiters can discreetly, pointedly, and insightfully identify the few key players who fit the bill, and deliver those candidates with speed and discretion. Our next call might be from a client who is looking for a team of contract experts who can quickly and effectively ramp up and deliver results. No long-term training or learning curve required. Our contract staffing experts can fit that need.

At Scouters, our associates have the power and the tools to make outstanding placements.