The ITeS industry is one of the largest deployments of educated manpower in world. Serving the west and increasingly businesses in developing countries, the talent requirements vary dramatically. With business execution directly correlated to talent and deployment, both the quality of talent and efficiency of sourcing the same is very important.

Scouters for the ITeS industry are designed to evaluate and acquire the right talent while streamlining and increasing the reach and sourcing capability of your organization. ITeS is Aspiring Minds assessment suite for the BPO industry. Combined with our sourcing solutions it offers a complete solution of sourcing, evaluating and engaging talent.

The Need

The ITeS industry has a unique challenge of not requiring its workforce to possess any particular higher education to succeed at the job. While the addressable supply of candidates for BPOs includes the 4+ million graduates every year, finding employable candidates remains a challenge.

Less than 11% of all graduates interested in the BPO industry are employable or trainable for the sector. Thus, not only finding employable graduates possessing the relevant KSAs (knowledge, skills and attitude) but even finding trainable candidates is challenging. The latter is more daunting since trainability is hard to predict.

Scouters has been designed such that while evaluating employability of talent for roles in the ITeS industry it is capable of predicting trainability in soft skills and process ensuring job success in ITeS roles. Today Scouters has been successfully deployed by several of the largest BPOs companies in India for varied job profiles within the ITeS industry – Finance, Collections, Sales, Analytics, Data Entry, Voice processes besides others. Success in these roles depends on both domain knowledge and soft skills, including behavioural aspects. While soft skills like communication, analytical skills and typing are essential for success; sound domain knowledge can significantly reduce training time.